Photo of Walter J. Schouten, Jr.

Licensed in 2014 but working in the field of family law since 2009, Walter J. Schouten has worked with, for, and against some of the best family law attorneys in the Houston area on complex family law issues at both the trial court level and appellate level. Walter’s desire to work with the best is driven by a results-oriented approach adopted as early as law school: in 2013, he graduated summa cum laude from South Texas College of Law, higher than over 90% of his graduating class, earning the highest grade in multiple courses along the way, all while working as a law clerk at a boutique family law firm in Houston.

According to various studies, COVID-19 lockdowns exacerbated family and domestic violence disputes.  Not surprising considering that periods involving natural disasters, economic crises, and civil unrest have historically seen an uptick in family-related violence.  However, the lockdowns created a unique opportunity for family violence perpetrators to isolate victims who had few opportunities for escape and even