Around March 20, 2024 – befitting of Women’s History Month – some 800 ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women began a sex strike in New York City, protesting in large part the application of Jewish law to divorce proceedings.  Commonly known as “get”, per traditional Jewish law a divorce is only achieved by a husband issuing a formal

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting divorced.  Even before the two issued a statement, our smart devices were buzzing with details and speculations as to the cause of the split as Jonas was spotted visiting family law attorneys in Florida.  Like most celebrities, the sad news was confirmed by the joint statement issued by

The Gray Divorce And The Rapid Rise Of The Single Baby Boomer

A Career Choice and Life Perspective – Part 1

If you are reading this article, chances are you have seen the 1989 American romantic comedy, When Harry Met Sally, a film comedically exploring the story of a decade long friendship that evolves into

According to various studies, COVID-19 lockdowns exacerbated family and domestic violence disputes.  Not surprising considering that periods involving natural disasters, economic crises, and civil unrest have historically seen an uptick in family-related violence.  However, the lockdowns created a unique opportunity for family violence perpetrators to isolate victims who had few opportunities for escape and even

During nearly every initial consultation with a potential family law client, I hear those phrases that sound like nails on a chalk board: “Well I spoke to my friend who went through a divorce” or “I spoke with my counselor” or “I Googled…”.  Much like physicians who tell their patients to stop relying on WebMD