During nearly every initial consultation with a potential family law client, I hear those phrases that sound like nails on a chalk board: “Well I spoke to my friend who went through a divorce” or “I spoke with my counselor” or “I Googled…”.  Much like physicians who tell their patients to stop relying on WebMD as nearly every symptom you are experiencing will say that Cancer is a possibility, I am constantly reminding my potential, current, and former clients that what they are reading on the internet or hearing from friends has very little bearing on their case.  While the support of friends, family, and other trusted individuals is significantly important, the misinformation that often comes from that good place can inevitably cause a lot of damage during family law litigation.  The truth, unfortunately it seems, is not always out there.   Or, at the very least, it is filtered through a maze of emotions, opinions, and particular facts that are never identical and are often omitted when this dolling out of advice occurs.  That is why I chose to begin this blog, and why I entitled it the Ex-Files.

While many will never be fully prepared for the emotional complexities of family law litigation, the dispelling of family law myths and the revelation of hard truths and facts is essential for every potential litigant. Every week, I, along with my colleagues, will utilize current events and/or anecdotal experiences to provide what I hope will be helpful insight to those who either are experiencing or will experience the trauma associated with a divorce or other family law matter.